Katie from Maine: SW National Parks

My exploration of the U.S. Southwest in September of 2014 was nothing short of life-changing.

Taryn's competence with leading groups combined with her commitment to providing a memorable and authentic experience resulted in a trip that was unique, exciting, and rich with opportunity for personal growth and cultural discovery. There is something for everyone's unique desires and needs of each traveler.

What sets To Walk Your Talk Travel apart from other travel experiences is Taryn's genuine commitment to authenticity and immersion in the local culture of the place resulting in an experience that will open your eyes, expand your mind, and broaden your horizons.

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Elizabeth from Ohio: SW National Parks, NY City, Peru, Kenya, New Zealand, Amsterdam, and Costa Rica

Traveling with To Walk Your Talk Travel have been the most exciting adventures of my life!

The trips are very detailed with all contingencies planned for! They are filled with out-of-the-ordinary experiences!

When we visit a country we become engaged with the people in the customs I leave feeling I have new friends around the world!

If you're looking for meaningful travel this is the place for you!


Patricia from New Jersey: El Salvador

I am at the time of my life were travel is becoming increasingly important to me, and I would go somewhere every other month or up to me. But due to family and work I'm unable, I would definitely make that happen with you, Taryn again.

As a trip leader, Taryn was very common capable and we trusted her to lead us through the unfamiliar country of El Salvador.

She had a way of making local people very comfortable, and they clearly found very approachable.

I so enjoyed traveling with her that I convince my husband to join us on an later trip, which we are still waiting to make happen.

Taryn was very supportive of me personally when I had some personal things come up over the work that we were doing with the local people.

It was very difficult to take history from El Salvadoran women who had very difficult lives and hear their pain. I was given advice that echoed in my ears for the remainder of that trip, and then again for my three subsequent weeks of travel with PIN cc in later years.

Due to the wonderful experience that I had the first time, I've continued to stay very connected to the organization we work with and it has changed my life.