I recently read a New York Times article about Ancestry Tourism, that looked at travelers seeking to find connection thru heritage and traditions often unknown, due to us being a nation of immigrants. This is another example of people looking for a deeper sense of knowing who they are.

It made me think of the time I went to Neuchatel, Switzerland with my brother and sister. My brother had read a document written by my great grandfather that talked about our family tree.

Our ancestry is Swiss instead of German as we had always thought and for us to be able to go to a fairytale town on the side of a mountain and see its beauty.  To meet the people through an eye of connection to our roots was a wonderful experience.

While touring the castle that now is their town offices, we saw a painting of a villager that had very similar features to our family line. We could have been looking at an uncle or Grandfather!

If you are thinking about walking in the footsteps of your ancestors, learning more about where you come from and forming a deeper connection beyond the websites you have researched, let’s start planning! 

You will be able to see where your relatives lived and perhaps meet people you are related to. 

Some turn this into an adventure for their whole family, bringing along their adult children and grandchildren or siblings. 

Perhaps ancestry travel will be the newest item for your bucket list!

Click here to read New York Times article about Ancestry Travel.